From PlayStation to PS4 - Historical Sales of All Sony Consoles


The Japanese Company has managed to exceed 100 Million with 2 of its domestic machines. Soon there will be three through PlayStation 4.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has updated the list of its best-selling hardware in the video game industry since its first PlayStation, launched in Japan back in December 1994. A total of four generations where two of its machines have managed to exceed 100 million. In a few months there will be three, since PS4 is already above the 96.8 million units distributed throughout the globe.

Because if the results of the last fiscal year were surprising  Q4 FY2018, where they have managed to distribute 17.8 million PS4 in twelve months when they expected 17.5 million, it is even more extraordinary - in the literal sense of the word - that, with six years of life in the market, is reaping a better sales rate than PlayStation 2, as we tell you in this comparison of face-to-face sales between PS2 and PS4.

That PlayStation 4 reaches 155 million units come is practically impossible because there are no generations that last 13 years and, at a rate of 10-13 million units distributed annually from now on, PS4 should last in the market practically everything that PlayStation 5 will be in stores at that rate. From the latter we know, by the way, that it will have an attractive price.

If the first PlayStation exceeded 102.4 million units, then the aliens 155 million units of P S 2 came.

Meanwhile we had the 76.4 million P S P, Sony s first portable raid in a market dominated in that generation by Nintendo DS 154 million units sold  and 87.4 million PlayStation 3, the worst record of the Japanese until the date. a moment of  arrogance,  as they themselves recognized in the voice of Shawn Layden.

How far will PlayStation 4 go: a glimpse into the near future

PlayStation 4 has a projection of more than 125 million units without any problem. They are not banal estimates but logical. We know de facto that Sony will distribute another 16 million units of PS4 until April 2020, which would give more than 110 million units on that date. The next year, which will end in April 2021 with possibly the next generation already on sale, will leave another tens of millions in stores. From there it is very complicated to know what can happen and how Sony will have two home entertainment systems in the market.

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